Brief Biography

Dr Arun Chandan is currently working as Regional Director of Regional-cum-Facilitation Centre set up by National Medicinal Plants Board.  Ministry AYUSH Govt of India to work on Medicinal Plants Sector Activities in 7 North Indian States Himachal Pradesh, Uttranchal, UP, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh and Delhi.

He is an enthusiastic dedicated and qualified Medico-Specialist in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, with a doctorate in impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity in Mountains; worked on convergence models in Traditional Systems of health care and related services in Government and NGO sectors in India with extensive experience in Project Management and Policy Planning, Advocacy and Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Governance and Gender.

Dr Chandan  possesses Masters’  in Disaster Mitigation, Management and Botany. He had been the Executive Director of Mountain Forum Himalayas (2009-2012).  Dr Chandan had  worked with the Government of Himachal Pradesh in remote and far flung areas of Kangra and Chamba Districts, he remained Secretary to High Power Committee for Maintenance and Management of Religious endowments for a period of three years under the Art and Language Department.

Prior to joining Government of Himachal Pradesh, he worked (1990-2000) as Secretary-cum-Director of Society for Environmental and Rural Awakening (ERA) based in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. During a decade long tenure as Director of ERA, Dr Arun Chandan successfully undertook a number of projects on Medicinal Plants,  Environment, Natural Resources Management, Health, Traditional Medicines, Biodiversity Conservation and Integrated Rural Development activities in Changar area. He has successfully accomplished a status report of natural resources of Himachal Pradesh in 1993-94 with NORAD, and similar assignments with IGSSS, IRDC, CASA and Helpage International. His creative experiments with new ICTs like Traditional Folk Stream Bhagat for mass awareness, proved very effective and now almost all sectors are using it.

He has keen interest on biodiversity conservation and management with special focus on local knowledge, eco-systems, agro and medicinal aspects of biodiversity. His interest in the indigenous knowledge systems and traditional medicine, his vision of LokAyurveda-village wisdom true Ayurveda has motivated him to conduct a number of activities to document, validate, protect intellectual property rights and product development in mountains. Due to this he has been an important partner of National Innovation Foundation (NIF) Ahmadabad and Honey Bee Network. Since his childhood he remained active in print journalism, contributed lot of articles in regional and national dailies and magazines, his action research oriented approach and pain for the downtrodden and dalits took him to the development sector instead of journalism. While working in the field he has always felt that health in isolation has never been people’s priority but there are other important issues on the priority of the people. His work on disaster Mitigation and Management motivated him to work on the crucial aspect of disaster management and climate change in mountains.

Sets high standards for work quality and quantity; monitors and maintains quality and productivity; works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way; consistently achieves project goals; focuses on the needs and satisfaction of internal/external clients; accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm.Strong understanding and hands on experience of working on public health, humanitarian and development issues and perspectives.

Good project management skills with exceptional knowledge and skills in mainstreaming gender in program design, management, monitoring and evaluation, including application of institutional standards, with a long international experience in assessment, program development, evaluation, project proposal and skills with budget development and budget monitoring. Excellent skills and experience in capacity building, and designing and delivering training in multi-country contexts, with high intercultural sensitivity.

  • Strong monitoring and evaluation skills and experience, including the development of systems and tracking of performance against program standards.
  • Ability to manage workflows, balance competing priorities and work effectively in a diverse, remote and busy team environment.
  • Extensive field experience in an emergency response context, with government and international agencies. Good representational skills including experience of developing networks and relationships with government, civil society and other stakeholders. Experience of setting up and maintaining efficient administrative systems, donor liaison and donor compliance (NORAD, EED,CASA,  )
  • Proficient in writing and editing high quality proposals and compliance reports. Have good constructive communications and listening skills, with excellent verbal and written English

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